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Citizen behaviour change

Creating sustainable behaviour change

Over the past few years, WRAP’s work on creating sustainable behaviour change has developed.

Building on our in-house capability we have joined forces with the UK’s leading social and environmental change not-for-profit Behaviour Change. Together we combine our strong track record in consumer insights with behavioural science, marketing expertise and creativity – all underpinned by robust evaluation.

Our aim is to make people understand why they need to make a change and then help them make that long term change easy.

How does WRAP create sustainable behaviour change?

We target the audience segments, behaviours, and areas where we can make the biggest impact. By understanding our target audiences, and working with key stakeholders, we test, learn and adapt; always learning and changing if something does not go to plan.

On a global basis, we have set up a network of international partners who are using our campaigns in their own countries.

Designing behaviour change interventions

WRAP has a team of highly skilled specialists experienced with designing, delivering, and measuring effective behaviour change solutions and interventions. All based on robust insights, we use our expertise to develop simple practical solutions that drive measurable action. Find out how our work is enabling people to live more sustainable lives.

Delivering citizen campaigns

Our campaigns empower individuals to act, through inspiring messages and practical advice. We have embraced the power of social media and use channels which resonate most with hard-to-reach audiences, measuring and monitoring traffic on a regular basis.

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Working with young people in our community

WRAP has been working with Scouts to give young people the knowledge, skills and courage to make a change in the world, by increasing their understanding about our impact on the environment and inspiring them to reduce the food they waste at home and improve recycling.

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