WRAP’s work on textiles is focussed on improving the sustainability of products, and particularly on reducing the environmental impact of the full life cycle of products, from cradle to grave.

What is the Textiles 2030 Footprint Tool?

The life cycle of textile products involves many processes and variations between product types, techniques used, production locations and decisions by consumers, all of which can make accurate measurement challenging. The Textiles 2030 Footprint Tool (also referred to as the Textiles 2030 Footprint Calculator) helps users navigate these complexities.

It provides data on the full life cycle impacts of textiles and is used by retailers and brands on the Textiles 2030 voluntary agreement to estimate scope 3 emissions due to purchased (textiles) goods. Using these reports, WRAP can use the Footprint Tool to report the overall carbon and water impacts and savings associated with the delivery of Textiles 2030.

Key to note: these footprint estimates are at the level of the organisation, rather than individual products.

Textiles 2030 Footprint Tool and the data it contains are considered the most representative, relevant and accurate available for the intended users - businesses in the UK and in EU member states.

The purpose of the report

The Textiles 2030 Footprint Tool Data and Methods Report explains how the Footprint Tool works, what it can be used for and the methodology and data that sits behind it. The report is designed to support users of the tool and answer questions from those wishing to interpret the outputs.

Alongside the report, you can also access the Textiles 2030 Footprint Tool Explainer which provides a bitesize overview of the Tool and its capabilities. 

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