The Furniture Re-use Network (FRN) indicates that around 30% of bulky waste collected from householders and/or collected at the HWRCs can be re-used. 

WRAP’s bulky waste collection guide provide estimated for both items collected at household waste recycling centres and through kerbside bulky waste collections. 

The table below shows the range and average composition of bulky waste categories.

Category of material Range of composition Average
Furniture: re-usable in current condition 5-10% 7.5%
Furniture: potentially repairable 10-20% 15%
White goods: potentially repairable 5-10% 7.5%
White goods and other metal: recyclable 10-30% 20%
Disposal 30-70% 50%
Overall re-use rate   30%
Overall recycling rate   20%
Residual waste   50%

If the illustration authority collects 3,000 tonnes of bulky waste and assuming 30% of this is re-usable this could divert an estimated 900 tonnes.

WRAP has recently launched its Partnerships are key to success (PAKTS) initiative which comprises a suite of material around the re-use of bulky waste.