Research from WRAP and other bodies has identified that the food and drink sector faces increasing challenges to food system resilience such as changing climate and weather patterns, competition for land, environmental regulations, pests and diseases, inadequate infrastructure and changing global consumption patterns.

Sustainable New Product Development (S-NPD) is the delivery of product innovation where additional criteria of sustainability are added at each of the stage gate processes to increase supply chain resilience and value for the customer.

Introduction to Sustainable New Product Development (S-NPD) provides guidance for those involved in NPD and product design who wish to improve the sustainability of their products through action to help customers throw away less food & drink, and address consumer expectations on these issues. It will enable NPD practitioners to add sustainability criteria into the main stages of the NPD process, to help achieve S-NPD. 

And our new case study demonstrates how ASDA successfully achieved the S-NPD process with three of their key suppliers for the following own-brand products: a beef hotpot ready meal, breaded fish, and a cheesecake. This comprised four key phases:

1. Inform: researched their approach to product development and sustainability, and conducted an engagement session with their suppliers.

2. Assess: suppliers conducted a hotspot analysis to identify where their main sustainability impacts occur throughout the lifecycle stages of the product.

3. Innovate: hosted a workshop to generate sustainability-driven ideas, developed and selected the best.

4. Embed: built a tool-kit to embed change in the process.

WRAP is working on a range of additional supporting tools and techniques to help Courtauld Commitment 2025 (C2025) signatories to embed these issues into processes, supporting delivery of the C2025 objectives and wider sustainability goals. If you are a C2025 signatory and feel you would benefit from support, please contact Helen Price.

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