Vijay Doshi


Vijay Doshi, WRAP Trustee

Vijay Doshi has worked internationally with major multinationals generating new start-ups for commodity trading and establishing new business centres around the world within the energy industry. He has also held the positions of executive CFO with the Carbon Disclosure Project, the Guide Dogs and at Motability as well as being a Non-Executive Director at the University College of Osteopathy

He has extensive international experience working in Europe, South/East Asia, and the Middle East and a particular interest in mobilising private capital towards sustainable economic models with social impact through entrepreneurship or education.
He began his career in accountancy practice and subsequently helped launch catalogue and internet trading at Marks & Spencer, and later worked at Qatar Energy and Royal Dutch Shell where he developed his interest in alternative and renewable energy sources. Vijay is a Fellow of the ICAEW (UK).

Vijay said:

“A sustainable and circular economy can unlock tremendous value for society and in equal measure protect virgin resources. When combined with the use of new materials and technology, we can protect nature, address climate change, and create opportunity for the world’s children. WRAP’s international growth is essential to help provide the necessary frameworks and expertise to embed the circular economy into our everyday lives”.