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Board Trustees: Appointment Brief

A letter from our Group Chair

Sebastian Munden, WRAP Chair

Thank you for expressing your interest in joining the WRAP Board of Trustees.

It is critical that there is real leadership in intensifying action to address the underlying causes of the climate emergency, waste and pollution. There is a route to a more sustainable future requiring optimistic determination. We are an action NGO working globally to bring about circular living for the benefit of climate, nature and people.

The old economic approach of take, make and throw away is the major cause of greenhouse gases, waste, pollution, biodiversity loss and human inequality. A new approach of responsible resource use is needed. 

For over two decades, WRAP has delivered circular living programmes that reduce CO2, reduce waste and restore nature by using resources more effectively. We are uniquely placed to make circular living a reality with deep, technical expertise, an impartial evidence-base and independent convening power. We bring together businesses, NGOs and governments to create the systemic change that is needed, beginning with food, textiles and manufactured products, because they account for nearly half the greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

I am proud of the impact that WRAP has had in the world. For example: helping the UK reduce food waste by 27%; companies signing to Textiles 2030 are reducing the carbon and water footprints of clothing in the UK; as well as lowering the use of problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging sold in the UK by 40% since 2018. We have seen a fantastic growth in our international impact with our work now driving change in 40 countries through partnerships with governments, local authorities, and other key stakeholders. We have grown as an organisation too, not just in scale but in our capability, our depth of expertise, and as a diverse and dedicated community of people, committed to driving real change in the climate agenda.

We are deeply grateful for the leadership and skill shown by our outgoing Trustees over the recent years. As they finish their term later in 2024, we are now seeking new board Trustees to help guide our organisation as it expands its international impact and its funding sources. We know that we have only scratched the surface of the potential impact we can have as an organisation and are seeking a two regional Chairs (for the Americas & APAC) who can be as bold, innovative, confident and optimistic as we are.

For these roles, we are seeking outstanding individuals, who share our vision, mission and values, who can inspire and engage our Board, executive leadership, staff and supporters, while helping the organisation to raise the visibility and reach of its work and impact even further.

At WRAP, we are ambitious and serious about the difference we can make to sustainable resource use and bringing about circular living. If you are too, I hope you will consider applying for one of these roles.   

Sebastian Munden
Chair, WRAP

Expanding WRAP's Board

Hear from WRAP's CEO, Harriet Lamb:

WRAP is a global climate change NGO, bringing people together, acting on the facts and driving positive change. We are uniquely positioned as a charity to work across governments, the public, the voluntary sector and with the biggest businesses on the planet to set the standards and deliver the changes needed for a thriving world in which climate change is no longer a problem.

With an aspirational agenda to raise our global impact we’re now looking to add to our existing Boards of Trustees both in the US and Australia.

We’re seeking two new Trustees who bring strategic experience and insight that will assist in the oversight and development of the next phase of our organisational growth and impact.

These appointments are:

  • Chair, WRAP Americas (Based in the USA or wider Americas region)
  • Chair, WRAP APAC (Based in Australia or Indonesia)
Find out more about WRAP, the work that we do, and the impact we’re having (pdf)

Core trustee accountabilities

Our Trustees will be passionate about the work we undertake and equally ambitious regarding the growth and scaling of our work in the UK and internationally. 

Our Board Trustees are broadly responsible for: 

  • Determining the strategy and approving the business plan
  • Approving the budget
  • Ensuring a good flow of fundraised or earned income
  • Monitoring the charity’s performance
  • Ensuring WRAP achieves and maintains its EDI objectives
  • Monitoring the business risks; and
  • The health and safety issues of the charity
  • Advocacy for WRAP’s mission and supporting with our strategic aims
  • To serve on Sub-Committees as required.

Overview of the roles

Chair, WRAP Americas

We are seeking a Chair for the newly formed WRAP Americas, who will play a key role to support our incoming Executive Director to establish and grow our regional operation, while also serving on the global WRAP Board.

This individual will be a proven board executive, combining relevant sector networks and expertise, with the ability to open doors for WRAP in the USA and wider Americas. They will assure sound governance and regulatory compliance for WRAP Americas operations, whilst also being an active contributor to the WRAP global board.

More about the Chair, WRAP Americas role


We are seeking a new Chair for the recently established WRAP APAC, who will play a key role to support our leadership team to cement and grow this regional operation, while also sitting on the global WRAP board.

This individual will be a proven board executive, combining relevant sector networks and expertise, with the ability to open doors to potential revenue or funding streams for WRAP APAC, across the region. They will assure sound governance and regulatory compliance for WRAP APAC operations, whilst also being an active contributor to the WRAP global board.

More about the Chair, WRAP APAC role

Practical information

Remuneration: The role of Trustee does not attract any financial remuneration, although reasonable expenses may be claimed.

Chair Americas: based in the USA or wider Americas region
Chair APAC: based in Australia or Indonesia

Term: There is typically a four-year term of office for these roles, which can be renewed once by approval of the Board of Trustees.

Time commitment: The global Board typically meets four times a year, with the Trustee expected to commit to further time to participate in a Committee, and to engage with the senior leadership and the external stakeholders of WRAP. The overall time commitment is expected to be in the region of around one day a month on average, possibly a little more for regional Chairs.

Question prior to application: If you have any questions, please contact Tom Godber who will be happy to arrange a time to speak with you: [email protected].

Application process:

For each role, we would request the following:

  • A covering statement outlining your motive to apply, and highlighting the skills and experience you bring to support your application.
  • A CV or short biog highlighting your relevant experience and skills.

Applications should be sent in writing to Tom Godber, however we want to make sure the application process is as inclusive and accessible as possible, so if you would prefer to submit a video application instead, please let Tom know and we will send a link to enable this.

WRAP is committed to diversity and welcomes applicants irrespective of religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital status, disability or race.

Submit your application via email